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Artistic Mission

Santa Luzia ArtHotel - The Artistic Desire

Guimarães is a city with a strong historical legacy. Material and non-material inheritance are
traditionally the focus and objects of the tourist-cultural activity of the city.

Realizing that, the paradigm of the city of Guimarães has been turning into the last
years, and that the investment in the area of ​​Culture by the municipality and other entities has
has been one of the priorities in which the bet on the artistic area is a growing reality about
two decades, having had as its peak the year of 2012, the year in which Guimarães was European Capital
of culture.

Santa Luzia ArtHotel, as a hotel unit located "on the doorstep" of the historical center of
Guimarães, classified by UNESCO as World Heritage, intends to develop the idea
or concept of - Cultural Tourism - positioning itself as "patron", contributing of varied
forms of production and artistic-cultural promotion along with the city, giving priority and betting
in promoting a more lived relationship between the tourist and the local community.

SANTA LUZIA ARTHOTEL intends to translate and materialize the association with Art through
incentive to the original creation.

SANTA LUZIA ARTHOTEL also intends, through investment in new means of
digital communication and audiovisual production, within the innovative spirit that characterizes it,
create a digital platform for cultural dissemination.

Reception of proposals and regulation:

There is no great requirement from the point of view of regulation, this initiative is available
for all artists who bet on the original creation and who in their course justify the
audiovisual content to be used to promote their art.
Just get a little synopsis and audio and video content, without


Manuel de Oliveira

Artistic Direction:
Manuel de Oliveira

Production and Production Video:
Alexandre Perdigão
Pedro Bastos
Rui Dias

Technical Direction and Audio Production:
Manuel de Oliveira

Sound and light:
João Guimarães
Pedro Mouga



The Plastic Arts:

In the context of this strand we have established a partnership with Shairart, a platform for
of contemporary art, which has "invaded" the modesty of Santa Luzia ArtHotel with successive
shows. Promoting the contact between contemporary and public artistic production is the
of the challenge, shared in an embrace of good taste, not only through the contemplative exercise of
exposed, but above all, by the singular actions of conversation with the creators and of
other disciplines.

The initiatives are evident in the Santa Luzia ArtHotel quarterly.

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