Mission, vision, values and management policy
Ensure the sustainable growth of the business, as well as a constant bet on the valorization and safety of its employees, guaranteeing the respect and preservation of the environment.

Promote the diffusion of art through the encouragement of original creation.

To be recognized nationally and internationally as a hotel reference for innovation and excellence in the quality and personalization of the services rendered as well as in the policy on safety, health at work and environmental.

SLAH advocates the following values in relation to all stakeholders, namely customers, employees, partners, suppliers, and the local community:
  • Integrity we conduct our conduct responsibly and in accordance with the most suitable, honest and honest ethical principles;
  • Professionalismwe invest in the provision of services in a professional way, with a view to continuous improvement, guaranteeing total customer satisfaction, loyalty and recommendation;
  • Dignification and recognition of people above all we value people, namely our workers and we recognize their effort and dedication, and value their performance;
  • Competence we promote the transmission and sharing of knowledge, self-study, training and qualification of employees so that they perform their functions in the best possible way;
  • Transparency we act in a transparent way , we share information and we adopt an open behavior;
  • Trust we encourage the establishment of win-win relationships, proximity and effective partnership with our partners, suppliers and employees;
  • Sustainability at all levels, namely from an economic point of view, a condition that guarantees the existence of the company and maintenance of the operation.
The values ​​of the company are based on the following principles:

  • Principle of Quality;
  • Principle of Safety
  • Cheers
  • Principle of Economic Sustainability;
  • Principle of Competence and Credibility;
  • Principle of Legality;
  • Principle of Integrity and ethics;
  • Principle of environmental liability;
  • Principle of Social Responsibility.

The Direction of Santa Luzia Arthotel guarantees the disclosure and understanding of the Management System Policy to all employees and stakeholders.

The Management System Policy is based on the following principles:
  • Customer satisfaction Provide services in the area of ​​accommodation, catering and well-being, generating proposals of differentiated value, which excel for excellence in quality, satisfying the needs and expectations of customers and stakeholders.
  • Financial Sustainability Ensure the sustainable growth of the business, especially from an economic point of view.
  • Resources as support for success To continuously provide the employees of Santa Luzia ArtHotel with the skills and technical resources necessary for their good performance, motivating them to work as a team, where the individual commitment is the collective success.
  • Environment and Safety To promote awareness and awareness of the environmental aspects and the protection of the environment to all interested parties who collaborate with Santa Luzia ArtHotel , employees, customers, suppliers and others, so that pollution prevention is addressed by all as a fundamental concern in the performance of their tasks.

    Santa Luzia ArtHotel is continually striving to reduce the environmental impact of its activity through the application of good environmental management practices, an adequate management of the consumption of natural resources, energy, consumables and others. waste, favoring reduction, reuse and recycling / recovery.

    The Santa Luzia ArtHotel is committed to eliminating or minimizing the risks to workers in order to prevent injuries and damages to health.
  • Continuous improvement Comply with applicable legal, regulatory and other requirements that the Santa Luzia ArtHotel subscribes to, and continuously improve the performance and effectiveness of the Quality, Environment and Safety Management System.