Good enviromental practices
Santa Luzia ArtHotel practices environmental management trying to minimize the environmental impacts that result from its activities and services. It is part of a joint, integrated and continuous effort of the company in the prevention and continuous improvement framework. In this way it rationally uses natural resources and energy, minimizing the effects on the environment.

Good Environmental Practices implemented:
  • Water Drip system for garden watering;
    Half-load and full-load toilet flush tank;
    Monitoring of quantities consumed monthly and corrective actions when necessary;
  • Electricity Installation and use of solar panels;
    Automatic card power cut-off system in the rooms;
    Automatic system to turn off the air conditioner when opening the window;
    Light movement detectors in the corridors;
    Use of LED lamps;
    Monitoring of quantities consumed and corrective actions taken when necessary.
  • Waste Segregation of waste;
    Collection of waste by a certified company;
    Monitoring of the quantities produced.
  • Materials Used Reuse of textile for bags for blankets, comforters and cleaning cloths;
    Provides dosers to replace individual amenities (recyclable PET and paper labels) to customers;
    Provides ECO line of hygiene products (amenities) (min. 90% natural products) to customers;
    Provides glass cups in rooms instead of plastic cups;
    Offers paper laundry bags (superior rooms with cloth bags)
    Offers bamboo slippers in rooms and pool;
    Provides the use of starch straws;
    Offers recycled paper napkins;
    Uses rolls of recycled kitchen paper;
    Reuse of paper used for scratch sheets;
    Control of ink and paper consumption.

  • Environmental Training and Awareness: Conducting training and awareness raising on good environmental practices.
    It continuously provides appropriate information about Good Environmental Practices in order to make employees and guests aware of environmental issues.

Environmental awareness and training underpin attitude change and play an important role in assimilating good environmental practice